Kauni Design

is a high quality design brand creating timeless and unique knitwear since 1996. The creator and heart of Kauni Design is designer Kauni Sillat whose love and interest for knitting started in her early youth where her ideas came faster to the mind than her knitting needles could knit.

-I love the rhythms, surprises, colours and constant changes in nature. I see patterns all around me. I am also inspired by ancient magical symbols and runes and patterns of folk clothes and ancient traditions. I create my knitwear with love to warm, protect and bring power and joy to people for many years.-

Kauni Design offers a wide collection of more than 100 knitwear models made as handcraft with hand knitting machines by the best knitters and sewing ladies in a small studio in Estonia.

Kauni Design is produced of 100% wool yarn and has been gently washed which makes the design warmer,softer and durable. Most of our models are available in warm, cold and neutral colour tones.

Kauni Design is ideal for chilly evening walks in the summer and for keeping warmth in cold winter days, be it in cool rooms or under your winter coat outside.