A-12 large thin blanket w/protective mark


2-year-old large blanket, rimmed with a thin square, woven from a single wool effect. Size: 130x180 cm. The product has been washed before. There's a protective sign in one corner of the plaid.

You can choose from:

-family happiness


-ring cross  


Wool blanket does not often need to be washed, as wool is a natural material that abandons dirt and water. Air the blanket in humid weather outdoors. Blanket can also be cleaned with a lightly clothed brush. Wash directly on a dirty place or, if necessary, whole blanket, with hand-held water (30º) and wool detergent. The blanket must be naturally dried. For more information about washing and maintaining wool items, please read on our website.

Composition : 100 % high quality sheep's wool

Colour choices
Blanket sign

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