T-649 Poncho LOVE with treepatterns front and back, 2 inner pockets, hood


The front and back of the poncho are covered with a large weathered tree pattern, which unites the forces of earth and heaven and creative development and growth. In the branches of the weather tree, between the roots and the trunk, a number of symbols of power are hidden in the pattern: ring cross-protection symbol, heart-love, spiral-evil prevention and positive development, dot-shaped crown-harmony, diagonal cross-good multiplier, etc. There is  a message woven into the pattern: love.
The lock and the lower edge are bordered by a narrow woven edge in the leading tone. The high stand-up collar with a striped pattern is lined with fleece on the inside, the sleeves have a regular double hem and striped pattern. The product is pre-washed.

Composition: 100%  sheep's wool

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