DIY-02 Knitting pattern kit of KT-38 - Noble Lady handmade 8/1 lace Shawl


Noble-lady triangle shawl is made with 100% wool Kauni 8/1 effect lace yarn and recommended for experienced knitters. Following carefully the diagram, the colours break to the right and to the left of the centerline. The triangle part has a beautiful jagged edge.
The shawl is knitted using nr. 3 ½ knitting needle.
You can choose between all Kauni effect lace yarn colours. 
XEQ rainbow effect yarn (foto)
XEI grey-purple-beige effect yarn (foto)
The shawl can be washed with 30 degrees handwash.

The kit contains 130-140gr of 8/1 Kauni effectcoloured yarn and the pattern.

Size 95 x 208 cm.

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